Bakersfield A to Z: Preorder for 12/15

The tale about the Indy, Oh Indy series

The "Indy, Oh Indy" series is a joint effort by two Bakersfield residents, author Teresa Adamo and illustrator Jennifer Williams-Cordova. The pair work and play together, sharing a mutual love of dogs, Bakersfield and children's books - well, books in general. So why not combine all these favorites into a perfect pet project?


The first book: Indy, Oh Indy: Wanderin' the Streets of Bakersfield portrays the fictional adventures of a real-life terridoodle named Indy as she wanders the streets of Bakersfield in search of her forever family. Children and adults alike will enjoy seeing various well-known local icons and other hidden nods to this beloved community. The Adamo family adopted Indy from the Kern County Animal Shelter in 2008. In fact, sales of the book allow us to benefit the shelter as well as the Bakersfield SPCA. 

The second book: Indy, Oh Indy: Pismo or Bust! - affectionately known as the SEA-quel because Indy heads to the Central Coast - takes our canine star on another road trip! This one is filled with fun and friends on an adventure to the beach.

And now, the third book: Indy, Oh Indy presents: Bakersfield A to Z. With the alphabet as your guide, visit the places and things you know and love about Bakersfield, California. This special gift book is a hardback with a dust jacket and adorable "This Book Belongs to ..." page, perfect for that special someone this holiday season. PLEASE NOTE: Books will not be in-hand until Dec. 15. A limited number of copies will be available for pick-up and/or shipping by Dec. 15, 2019.

Indy, Oh Indy presents: Bakersfield A to Z


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