Author: Teresa Adamo

Although certainly not a “dog whisperer,” Teresa Adamo nevertheless talks to her adopted terri-doodle. Over the years, these chats often included lighthearted theories about Indy’s life before reaching her “forever home” in Bakersfield, California


As a former newspaper reporter and editor, Teresa longed to write the story of Indy’s origins – even if just as a children’s book. What resulted is an ode to the sweet shelter dog as well as a tribute to Bakersfield itself.


The author and her husband, Felix, live in the city’s Westchester neighborhood and have two sons, Zane and Cooper. Their backyard is also home to the lowest maintenance pet ever – Tele, a tortoise. Indy joined the pack in 2008.

Illustrator: Jennifer Williams-Cordova

Ever the consummate artist, Jennifer Williams-Cordova finds inspiration in just about everything. Once she became a mother, however, a whole new realm of creativity began. With a toddler daughter who is a dog fanatic and book lover, impromptu dog doodles are found aplenty in the Williams-Cordova household!


Of course, the family’s rescue black labrador/golden retriever mix, Ben, is often at the center of Jen’s canine artistry. As a Bakersfield native and full-time graphic artist, Jen enjoys actively contributing to the local arts scene.


The illustrator and her husband, Brad, reside in Westchester as well, along with their daughter, Ofeila Arlene; dog, Ben; and Doug the cat, who – like most felines – is the real lord of the manor.

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